Talking with some local tour guides and travelers from many countries who visit Punta Cana, I have noticed that many of them often ask me “what does Punta Cana mean?

The meaning of Punta Cana is literally the top of the palm tree. If we separate the words, Punta means top and Cana is the name of the white palm or cane palm tree that is very abundant in the region.

History of the name

The name is essentially given due to the large number of white palm trees that prevail in the region, in addition the Cana tree is deeply rooted in the local culture due to its usefulness as a roof for typical houses in the Dominican Republic.

A great example of them is the roof of the Punta Cana Airport (puj).  that symbolizes the native roofs of the houses in the fields in the Dominican Republic.

punta cana airport

Despite the fact that the word Cana is well known to all locals and because of the great abundance of cane trees in the region, Punta Cana was not always called that way.

The well-known tourist area of ​​the Dominican Republic, located in the eastern area and belonging to the Altagracia province, did not always have that elegant and popular name that it now boasts. In fact, the area was  named by the Taino for many years as Yauya and known by the locals as Punta Borrachón.


How did Punta Cana get its name?

Punta Cana got its name in 1970 when businessman Frank Rainieri together with some friends and investors seeing that the name Yauya (taino name) was difficult for them to pronounce and Punta Borrachón  (Cape Drunkward) was a very uncommercial name. They decided to re-baptize the area with the name of Punta Cana


What is Punta Cana known for?

Punta Cana is currently a world-renowned destination.

It has become famous for its beautiful white sand beaches, luxurious all-inclusive hotels and a wide variety of excursions.

in addition to its typical products unique in the world, such as: Mamajuana,  the Dominican cigar and Larimar.

Products such as organic chocolate and coconut oil make the visit very pleasant to the senses.

Without neglecting the nights of parties and elegant restaurants that this incredible destination offers


You can enjoy a variety of Punta Cana excursions such as