Am I in the drinking age? Thinking of the Caribbean and especially in punta cana, is thinking of hotels with beach, sun, sand and especially, lots of food, drink and party.

And if you are traveling with teenagers the question arises.

What is the minimum drinking age in Punta Cana?

I have come across this question in some forums, in social media and even some emails.

At the same time I’ve found a lot of answers to it, therefore I have decided to make this post clarifying that question.

Some people say 16 years, another people say 21 and even some say there are no restrictions.

But what is the real legal drinking age in Dominican Republic

The minimum legal drinking age in Punta Cana and throughout the Dominican Republic is 18 years old.   As simple as that

What is the minimum drinking age in the All-Inclusive Resorts

All hotels, bars, and restaurants in Punta Cana are subject to the same Dominican laws, so you must be of legal age to consume alcohol , in other words you have to be at least 18 years old to consume alcohol, includes  the popular national drink of the Dominican Republic  Mamajuana

The vast majority of hotels have colored bracelets that help employees to distinguish the options and packages that customers have, among these are the majority of age.

The employees pay special attention in this last part because if someone under 18 is served, it is the responsibility of the waitress or bartender.

Non-alcoholic beverage options

For teenagers who are below the minimum drinking age, the hotels have a wide selection of cocktails that do not include alcohol; in addition, some hotels have beers and wines without alcohol, which you can ask the bartender or the waitress

Drinks such as Pina colada, Banana mama and many other colorful and refreshing drinks can be served without alcohol, giving the teen the option of not feeling uncomfortable or out of place with his friends while respecting the laws.

Minimum age to get into the disco

In Punta Cana, as in the rest of the Dominican Republic, the minimum age to get into a disco is the same as the minimum drinking age, although in Punta Cana there are some disco that have certain exceptions with a prior permission of the tutor and without permission to consume alcohol, but must be over 16 years old

Minimum age to drive in Punta Cana

If you are planning to do a boogie tour, you may be wondering if you can drive in Punta Cana.

but… As with drinking when you are 18 in the Dominican Republic you are already legally an adult, so you can  obtain your ID, driver’s license and all that this entails. 


I hope I answered your question, but if you have another one, leave it here below