What happens when I book my excursion?
You will instantly receive an email confirmation. Within 2-24 hours you will receive a full itinerary of all excursions booked along with instructions, recommendations, vouchers and contact information for your assigned tour representative.
Why Book with Punta Cana RD?
Reliable and Reputable. Yes, you have to take these two into account. Punta Cana Adventures’ providers are reliable and reputable. We have chosen the selected providers because these providers have the best reputation.We monitor prices to make sure that all of our customers are enjoying the best possible excursion for the best available price. With Punta Cana RD there is always a course of action that you can follow if something does not go exactly as planned; should there be a weather delay or an unexpected change of itinerary, our professional team will assist with any changes needed.
Are there different prices for children?
Yes. Children between the ages of 4 to 11 years. Teens between the ages of 12 to 18 years will be charged full adult price. Infants ages 3 and younger sitting on a parent’s lap and therefore not occupying a seat, are not charged for most excursions. Some excursions require a minimum age to participate and will be noted accordingly.
Is transportation included?
Yes. Transportation is included with every excursion. You will be picked up and dropped off at your resort.
What type of transportation is provided?
Types transportation vary depending on the excursion. In some cases, the transportation used will be open-air safari buses, minivans, taxis or otherwise noted.
What is the cancellation and refund policy?
Excursions may be rescheduled or canceled by the Tour Operator due to weather conditions or unexpected circumstances. We will notify you and work with you to reschedule. Full refunds will be made to customers who purchased excursions which get canceled. If you decide to cancel your excursions 24 hours before the excursion date, we will issue a full refund. 15% cancellation fee will be charged to customers who fail to show to the pickup location on time and are not wanting to reschedule. Depending on your payment method, allow anywhere from 0-72 hours to receive a refund.
Can I book when I arrive?
Yes, but it is best to reserve your excursion before you arrive. This way we can guarantee your space on the excursion as well as make all the necessary arrangements with the tour suppliers in order to provide you with the best possible experience.
How can I receive technical support if I am having trouble with this website?
just contact us via email or whatsapp
What type of clothing should I wear?
We strongly suggest that you wear light, casual clothing and comfortable, low-heeled walking shoes or sneakers.We recommend that you wear your bathing suit, cover-up, and hat for all excursions related to water or off-road excursions. For the Saona Island Excursion or other sailing excursions definitely, bring a hat. Also, remember to bring sunscreen, a towel, and a camera and to leave your valuables at the resort.
Can I book my excursions over the phone?
Yes, just contact us via email or whatsapp
Can I pay in cash
Yes, you can pay in cash at your pick-up time, just select the option: payment at your pick up time