Here’s What You Get

Would you like to bring home a keepsake to remember your vacation in Punta Cana?

If so, look no further than our FREE outing to Punta Cana’s BEST spot for local souvenirs, knickknacks, mementos and even prized natural goods.

You may be asking, is this another tourist-trap-gift-shop with high pressure sales people on my back? Good question.

The Answer? The store offers an opportunity to meet different typical local products of the Dominican Republic during the stop of the “City Tour”:

Now, let us tell you what the Walk-Though Tour, at Taino Gifts, is all about:

Now, let us tell you what the City Tour is about, which is done with the store representative and has the following route:

The FREE City Tour Tour is ONLY available to Caribbean Dream clients who purchase a paid excursion or transport on our site.
It’s our way of saying THANK YOU but there’s limited space daily; so, scroll down and reserve your spot now!

On a rainy day, or any day – we’ll pick you up en-route to City Tour!