Where is Punta Cana

 Right in the middle of the Caribbean, this is the most exact answer But as always here we will explain to you with a little more details Post Contents1 Punta Cana Mexico?2 Where is Punta Cana located?3 The metropolitan area of ​​Punta Cana Punta Cana Mexico? You can’t imagine how many times that while I […]

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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana

 Hard Rock Punta Cana Is a wonderful and great 5-star resort in Punta Cana, full of fun and relaxation for the whole family where both adults and children will spend an unforgettable vacation. Spectacular games at the simplest and largest Punta Cana casino, exciting nightlife, tempting dining options, the newest in meeting facilities and rooms […]

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Larimar the precious Dominican stone

Larimar was discovered less than three decades ago, and its fame was instantaneous, which is why it was determined to be one of those rare gems, found only in one place in the whole world, this means that Larimar is not only charming but it is extremely different. Post Contents1 The  rare  variety of  pectolite2 […]

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Duty Free shop in Punta Cana Airport

Are there Duty free stores at the Punta Cana airport? What items do they have?   Is it worth buying in the Duty free, in the hotels shops or its surroundings? As you may have noticed, the answer to the first question is: yes… There are Duty free shops at the airport in punta cana. […]

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Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) Flight Status

Here you will find all the information relevant to the flights arrivals to Punta Cana Airport. In this section you can find all the data of delays, cancellations and others, as well as the schedules and status of flights that are scheduled to arrive at the airport, always updated and in real time. IMPORTANT NOTICE: […]

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Dominican Republic Drinking Age

Am I in the drinking age? Thinking of the Caribbean and especially in punta cana, is thinking of hotels with beach, sun, sand and especially, lots of food, drink and party. And if you are traveling with teenagers the question arises. Post Contents1 What is the minimum drinking age in Punta Cana?2 What is the […]

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